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A few weeks ago I wrote about a company that I found FitBark and I feel in love with the product.

Shortly after I posted my post about them, FitBark and I connected and we had a super awesome conversation on the phone, and all I have to say is that they are some of the nicest people I have talked with and you can seriously tell just how much they love their product and dogs from just a short convo. I know that may sound silly, but it’s just always nice to talk to someone who is so excited and passionate about the product that they are putting out.

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Before I get into what FitBark shared with me about their product and some of the the new and improved features they have added, I wanted to say that FitBark’s re-launch of their KickStarter started up again just last week and they have already met their funding goal. In fact, they did it on their first day! How ah-mazing is that?

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I have to be totally honest, going into my conversation with FitBark, I really only knew that the product was something that would be similar to FitBit, but for dogs. So I assumed that it would just be something used to track your dog’s exercise through the day, which it is, but it happens to do a whole lot more then just that.

FitBark really wants to build a product that not only helps you monitor your dog’s health and exercise patterns, but also be a way that can connect you and your dog together. Meaning, for pet parents who are at work you can pull up the FitBark app on your smartphone and check on your dog and see what sort of activity that they are up to and always have the ability to monitor what they are doing activity wise and have that connection with them no matter where you are at.

Since you are able to monitor the real time activity of your dog from your smartphone at all times, if you ever notice any changes or anything abnormal you can actually send the graph of this information to your vet. Can you imagine how helpful that information could be to a vet in certain situations?

With this technology and what FitBark can do, it’s pretty much like a smartphone for your dog.Which is super awesome to me, because I think all dog owners want to be more connected with their dog as much as they can. And with FitBark’s amazing technology they are going to be able to achieve that and so much more.

Another one of the new features that is going to be added to the FitBark it is going to unify you and your pets to keep you guys even more connected! So if you have an UP band, FitBit or a product like that, then you can compare your activity along side of your dog’s stats from the FitBark. I think that has to be one of my favorite new things that FitBark has added because I would love to be able to look my progress and my dog’s progress side by side after we go on a walk. Which is so cool and I honestly can not wait to be able to track that information.

As you guys can tell, FitBark is much more then just a way to monitor how much exercise your pet may be getting, it’s truly changing the way we monitor and really understand or pets and their habits. Which is so amazing and I can not wait to actually use this product.

But if you guys would like to get a FitBark for your dog or learn more about the product, you can go ahead and grab one now on their Kickstarter Page. They are also so close to raising $50,000, and when they do we will have the option of getting 5 awesome colors. Make sure to also check out FitBark on Twitter ,Facebook, and their website to learn more about them.

Once again huge thank you to everyone at FitBark for taking time to talk to me more about their product and a big Congratulations to them for reaching their funding in the first day. That is so amazing and I know that only great things are going to happen for FitBark.

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